Peter Cetale is an experienced SaaS executive and currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Religio, Inc. Peter has been involved with entrepreneurship since a very young age. He created his first enterprise, Food Ready to Go, which was a mobile food delivery company at the age of 16. He is a recent graduate of Cornell University where he studied business, history, and law in a specialized program. At Cornell, he was the founder and Vice President of Cornell Marketing Organization and the President of the Cornell Entrepreneurship Club. He is a proud Cornell alumnus and always makes time to advise fellow startup founders. Additionally, Peter has taught guest lectures at Cornell, through the Marketing Organization, and created the course, “Intro to Professional Selling” where he coauthored the presentation slides and trained students with little to no sales experience into becoming knowledgeable Sales Development Reps and Account Executives.

Peter founded Religio after realizing the lack of tech solutions to serve the undeveloped nonprofit market. When Peter first started to help nonprofits, he thought the main problem was that there needed to be an easier way to get donations. To solve this issue, he created his first start-up during his freshman year in college called Church Deposit.

Church Deposit is a platform for mobile donations where members can donate to the church of their choice and receive tax deductions easily. This platform also helped churches keep a record of all donations. It allowed the church to make money as people were more inclined to donate. Additionally, as the younger generation is moving away from cash and checks, there is a bigger need for the church to adapt its giving system. However, after speaking with many churches, he realized that the main problem is the fact that churches are losing members at a very fast rate. Peter decided to create Religio to solve these issues.

Religio is a SaaS company that helps churches and nonprofits improve through technology. The company’s primary focus is to help nonprofits retain, engage, and grow their membership. He envisions nonprofits in the 21st century thriving with connectivity and community through the enhancement of technology. Peter leads the marketing, sales, product design and manages the overall operations of Religio.

Peter is a proven SaaS executive and can help any promising team grow their sales, marketing and get their company best positioned for success. On top of leading his company and being on various boards, he plays chess for fun and was formerly a top 100 tournament player in the United States. Additionally, while in high school, he was selected to be in the Junior Olympics for water polo and still swim laps consistently to keep a competitive edge.

peter cetale