Peter Cetale is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Religio, Inc. Mr. Cetale has been involved with business since a very young age. He created his first enterprise, Food Ready to Go, which was a mobile food delivery company at the age of 16. He is an undergraduate Ivy League student at Cornell University where he studies business, history, and law in a specialized program. He is the Vice President of both the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Club. Peter is an entrepreneur on a mission to bring technology to churches. He feels very close to his faith because of his multiple life-threatening kidney surgeries when he was younger. Because of these adversities, Peter grew closer to his faith.

Peter is a devout Christian and is extremely involved with helping parishes throughout the country retain youth membership, as well as gain new members. He currently serves as the head of outreach for the Catholic club at Cornell. He is also focused on increasing the engagement between Churches and millennials. When Peter Cetale first started to help the Catholic church, he thought the main problem was that there needed to be an easier way to get donations. To solve this issue, he created his first start-up during his freshman year in college called Church Deposit.

Church Deposit is a platform for mobile donations where members can donate to the church of their choice and receive tax deductions easily. This platform also helped churches keep a record of all donations. It allowed the church to make more money as people were more inclined to donate. Additionally, as the younger generation is moving away from cash and checks, there is a bigger need for the church to adapt its giving system. However, after speaking with many churches, he realized that the main problem is the fact that churches are losing members at a very fast rate. For example, since 1987 to 2014, there has been a 50% decrease of Catholic aged 19-30 that have left the church. (Pew Research Center). Additionally, for Christians across the board, there has been a -15% net change from 2012-2014. Peter decided to create Religio to solve these issues.

Religio is an enterprise software company that helps churches improve through technology. The company’s primary focus is to help churches retain, engage, and grow their membership. With the declining numbers of parishioners, Peter feels a great need to bring more members back to the church. He envisions Christianity in the 21st century thriving with connectivity and community through the enhancement of technology. Peter is an innovator and a pioneer of the religious technology industry. He leads the complete operations of Religio and is focused on improving the connectivity between the church and its members. Church membership will dramatically improve through utilizing Religio services because of the company’s key insight into religious millennials. Religio understands the millennial religious demographic better than anyone. Mr. Cetale has focused his attention on truly finding the solution to getting youth back to the church.

Peter has spoken with over thousands of churches, priests, pastors, parishioners, and Christians to truly learn how to fix the problem. The declining numbers of members are only going to get worse if we do not take action. The solution is clear: churches everywhere need to utilize technology to create striving communities in their parish, or their membership will continue to fall.

peter cetale