Peter Cetale, innovative entrepreneur and technology leader of the Christian millennial movement, commands passion and intellectual curiosity that makes him a compelling person. Peter brings his personal hardships and entrepreneurship experience to inspire anyone to fulfill their dreams. He is always thinking and is constantly asking why. His experience and knowledge in a wide range of topics command depth in his talks.

peter cetale


Speak one on one with Peter Cetale. Be intrigued by his opinions on business, faith, Religio, entrepreneurship, management, tech, his experiences and much more.


Hear about the faith trends from the CEO of Religio. With a combination of his Christian faith and generosity, he is doing great work in growing membership to churches. He details how religion and technology are compatible. If you are working in the church community, you can learn more through Peter Cetale’s social media platforms.


Peter is one of the most exciting and up-and-coming executives in business today. Learn about his outlook on the future of business. Gain great insights into the market of millennials and how the economy will navigate to the new ecosystem. Also, hear his thoughts on how to build your own personal brand and invest in yourself today. He also helps young entrepreneurs grow their business and gives advice.


Bringing technology and religion together into Religio is a great innovation for the world. Peter is a tech pioneer, and also a leader in the religious technology industry. Additionally, with his own experience in the mobile and software industry, he can delve into these areas as well. His background in the industry is versatile and allows him to share his thoughts on mobile development, ai, SaaS, intellectual property and so much more.


Churches are shrinking drastically due to the lack of engagement within their communities. Religio gives churches the tools to better engage, connect, and retain their parishioners online. Learn more about how Religio is creating the digital church of the 21st century by interviewing Peter. If you are a church and would like to learn more about Religio software, click here.


Peter’s creative style approach to consulting leaves clients with excellent solutions. Mr. Cetale is a problem-solver. What separates Peter is his ability to get his clients solutions that will put their organization ahead of everyone else. This is not a simple year advantage, but a 15-20 year game plan. His background in technology provides a huge advantage in understanding emerging opportunities that organizations can utilize. With Peter’s knowledge in the millennial market, he can position his clients to fit the changing dynamics. Besides organizational consulting, he can also help people form a gameplan to put themselves in a great position to achieve all of their goals. To inquire about consulting, click the contact form and select consulting.

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