Peter has spoken to a wide range of media outlets on a variety of topics through network broadcasts, radio interviews, articles and more. As a young entrepreneur, Peter brings innovative content to journalists. Additionally, Peter’s personal hardships as a child who had to fight through multiple life-threatening surgeries, to leading a high growth startup provides an entertaining story to viewers, listeners or readers. His background in a wide range of topics offers insightful talking points.

peter cetale


You can request a network interview with Peter Cetale through the speaking request form. Some of the frequently asked topics that Peter is knowledgeable in include entrepreneurship, SaaS, cybersecurity, venture capital, sales, marketing and much more.

Venture Capital

Peter is an active investor and on the board for multiple high growth SaaS startups. He has helped all these startups raise more than 100k in funding. From founding Ivy League Entrepreneurs, he has access to the top Startups across the Ivy league. He can help VCs find exciting opportunities in the university founder space. Additionally, Peter can detail exciting new markets based on these developments.


Bridging the gap between technology and religion together into Religio was a tough challenge. Peter brought technology into an industry that is usually resistant to change. Peter designed the looks of the company’s core platforms including the mobile app, communication system, fundraising dashboard, and CRM system. His background in the industry is versatile and allows him to share his thoughts on SaaS, cybersecurity, user interface design, payment processing, AI, and so much more.


Currently, churches and nonprofits are failing to monitor their members and communicate effectively to them. Religio is a Software as a Service startup that provides CRM and communication systems to churches and nonprofit. Religio gives nonprofits the tools to better connect, engage, and manage their donors online. If you on the leadership team for a nonprofit, you can learn more about how Religio is helping nonprofits increase their donations and volunteering by clicking the Religio tab.


From Peter’s experience leading a high growth SaaS startup, he consults on SaaS sales, user interface, scaling sales teams, flywheel marketing and more. Peter’s previous consulting clients include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Verizon, and Facebook. Peter’s ability to innovate leaves clients ahead of the competition. Peter is a problem-solver. From managing his staff, he knows how to communicate and dive deep into solutions. Peter’s background as a chess champion allows him to analyze future moves and determine how the market will react to ultimately lead to a checkmate for his client.

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To book Peter, please fill out the speaking request form. Give detail on what the topic of the discussion would be and whether this would be an interview, consulting inquiry, or having Peter speak at an event. You can also email Peter’s PR manager directly at PR@ReligioApp.com. The team will try to get requests back as soon as possible.

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